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Enhance your photo slates by using the photos with urban backgrounds

Posted on Mar 18, 2017

Having your photography subjects stand in front of urban gackgrounds can help create unique photos and enhance your personalized photo slates. Dynamic photo backgrounds for printing on stone slates are everywhere, especially in cities, which have a range of cool architectural styles and designs to feature. Here are a few ways to incorporate your city into your photographs and print them on stone slates. Grab your camera and head to town. Locate buildings with interesting shapes and designs to use as an eye-catching background. Elements to look for include the following:

  • Buildings with ornate iron gates that evoke romance and elegance. These can look great in an engagement photo or wedding shot for printing on stone slates.
  • Buildings with vintage advertising that generate old-world charm for printing on stone slates. Shoot these from a distance using a wide-angle lens to capture your subjects and the signage.
  • Tight alleyways with just a few feet of empty space. These alleys offer a nice scale difference between subject and background, which adds dimension to the photograph and enhances your photo slates. Set your lens to focus on the subject and mute the sides and background.
  • Industrial areas. Stone or brick walls, large fans and concrete cylinders can be great background elements for photo slates. Shoot these big props with your subject in front and up close to add a different dimension to the photo for printing on a stone slate.
  • Large bridges, especially stone and concrete bridges. Capture the beauty of bridges and the reflection on the water to make an interesting background. Your aperture should be at a wide setting, which will keep your subjects in focus and soften the background.

Always use common sense when it comes to the suitability of photo backgrounds for printing on stone slates. Have fun with your camera and create photos that stand out from the rest for printing your personalized photo slates.

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Memories on stone: your photo slates will help us to remember him.

Posted on Nov 09, 2015

The slates turned out beautifully. My 15 year old grandson was killed in a car accident in May. Our whole extended family and especially my daughter is devastated over his loss. He was such a beautiful, caring young man. We will miss him forever. Your photo slates will help us to remember him. When my husband saw the slate he held it to his chest and cried. I am planning on giving my daughter one of the slates this week for her birthday. Thank you for your excellent work and I will recommend your services to anyone who asks. --- Nelda

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Memories on Stone

Posted on Sep 11, 2015

Stone photo slates are custom photo keepsakes designed to make a unique and beautiful gift that will be cherished and create a lifelong memorial for generations. Our philosophy is to offer the best quality possible, tremendous attention to detail and customer service, fast turnaround, competitive all inclusive pricing, and be a source of comfort for those suffering a loss.

The process for getting your photo slate is simple:

(1) Go to our website and chose a shape and size of stone, then upload a photo of your loved one. The photo needs to be of high quality, well illuminated, and not blurry. It can be in various formats such as .jpg, bmp, and .png, etc. You can also add captions, names, dates, any words to the photo slate.

(2) Once we receive your photo our design team goes to work. With sophisticated software a technician converts your photo into a ready-to-printing file for puting your photo onto stone slate.

(3) Your photo picture is now ready. We will use a unique way to print it onto stone slate. This piece of art never fades or deteriorates and becomes a lifelong treasure and last for eternity.

We know what it feels like to lose someone so close to you. There are no words that can be comforting in this situation. You just wish you had one more opportunity to look into that person's or animal's eyes and tell them how much you love them. With every single photo slate we produce we look into the eyes of that person or animal we truly know how much they must be missed. We know our product will not take away this pain or sorrow but we hope it will be a small part of the healing process and celebration and remembrance of their loved one's life.

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How to make your gift unique?

Posted on Aug 08, 2015

Are you trying to find a unique gift for special person, a special occasion or event? Your photo pictures printed on stones will make the perfect gifts. Printing your memories onto stones from:

• Wedding celebration photos

• Birthday events and party photos

• Family photos

• School achievements

• Awards and acknowledgements

• Memorials and monuments

• Dog, cat, and other pet photos

• And much more!

Create a unique gift by printing your favorite photographs onto a stone slate or plaque. Through computer program and unique printing process, our technicians produce highly quality pictures on stone slates. Each photo slate is individually printed by a technician who works exclusively on your photographs to ensure the best possible photo printings and the best possible lifetime memories on your stone slates!

Create a family heirloom by converting old photographs to life time "stone memories" that generations can enjoy. The custom made, printed photo keepsakes created by printing on stone can be personalized with pictures, names, dates, and even quotes to create the ideal treasure or gift. The nature stones will provide lasting and liftime memories for use inside your home or display outside.

This distinctive memento can be the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, or just a special moment in time that you want to remember. Your pictures on stones will last forever.

Photo Art Printing on Stone Slates

Photo Art istic Printing on Stone Slates

Dogs and Cats 

Pet Picture Printed on Stone Slates


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Stone photo slate makes your photo display fabulous

Posted on Dec 09, 2014

Stone photo slate is designed to enhance full color or black/white photo pictures. The technique of combining the image with the natural beauty of slate makes your photo display fabulous. Not only has the image been forever preserved as a photograph, but when displayed on rock, it's an everlasting treasure, as the photos on slate don't chip or fade. Each photo slate comes with a black plastic stand and is suitable for any desk, den or mantle display.

Natural Stone

Photo slate is made of natural stone, and no two stones are the preeisely same. Each stone has its own variations, so each one is unique. The unique edges of each slate give each photo different appearance, and your photo slate is unique.


Photo slate is not a "photo mounted on the stone slate". It is digitally imprint on the rock with vibriant color and finish that extend to the feathered edges of the stone, and the photo picture appears to be painted onto the rock. The quality of photo slate is very high end, not "peel" or "chip" off, and very easy to clean.

Photo slates are perfect for all special occasions including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, memories, graduations, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, retirements, awards and business gifts, etc.

Photo Slates for Weddings and Anniversaries


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