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Enhance your photo slates by using the photos with urban backgrounds

Posted on Mar 18, 2017

Having your photography subjects stand in front of urban gackgrounds can help create unique photos and enhance your personalized photo slates. Dynamic photo backgrounds for printing on stone slates are everywhere, especially in cities, which have a range of cool architectural styles and designs to feature. Here are a few ways to incorporate your city into your photographs and print them on stone slates. Grab your camera and head to town. Locate buildings with interesting shapes and designs to use as an eye-catching background. Elements to look for include the following:

  • Buildings with ornate iron gates that evoke romance and elegance. These can look great in an engagement photo or wedding shot for printing on stone slates.
  • Buildings with vintage advertising that generate old-world charm for printing on stone slates. Shoot these from a distance using a wide-angle lens to capture your subjects and the signage.
  • Tight alleyways with just a few feet of empty space. These alleys offer a nice scale difference between subject and background, which adds dimension to the photograph and enhances your photo slates. Set your lens to focus on the subject and mute the sides and background.
  • Industrial areas. Stone or brick walls, large fans and concrete cylinders can be great background elements for photo slates. Shoot these big props with your subject in front and up close to add a different dimension to the photo for printing on a stone slate.
  • Large bridges, especially stone and concrete bridges. Capture the beauty of bridges and the reflection on the water to make an interesting background. Your aperture should be at a wide setting, which will keep your subjects in focus and soften the background.

Always use common sense when it comes to the suitability of photo backgrounds for printing on stone slates. Have fun with your camera and create photos that stand out from the rest for printing your personalized photo slates.