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Memories on Stone

Posted on Sep 11, 2015

Stone photo slates are custom photo keepsakes designed to make a unique and beautiful gift that will be cherished and create a lifelong memorial for generations. Our philosophy is to offer the best quality possible, tremendous attention to detail and customer service, fast turnaround, competitive all inclusive pricing, and be a source of comfort for those suffering a loss.

The process for getting your photo slate is simple:

(1) Go to our website and chose a shape and size of stone, then upload a photo of your loved one. The photo needs to be of high quality, well illuminated, and not blurry. It can be in various formats such as .jpg, bmp, and .png, etc. You can also add captions, names, dates, any words to the photo slate.

(2) Once we receive your photo our design team goes to work. With sophisticated software a technician converts your photo into a ready-to-printing file for puting your photo onto stone slate.

(3) Your photo picture is now ready. We will use a unique way to print it onto stone slate. This piece of art never fades or deteriorates and becomes a lifelong treasure and last for eternity.

We know what it feels like to lose someone so close to you. There are no words that can be comforting in this situation. You just wish you had one more opportunity to look into that person's or animal's eyes and tell them how much you love them. With every single photo slate we produce we look into the eyes of that person or animal we truly know how much they must be missed. We know our product will not take away this pain or sorrow but we hope it will be a small part of the healing process and celebration and remembrance of their loved one's life.