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It’s not magic, Ellisi Gifts lets your gift unique with the element of heat

Posted on May 09, 2016

You are looking a gift that is both unique and holds a special meaning to the recipient? Making a personalized gift is a great option for you. As we know, the best gifts are the ones that are thoughtful and have a certain amount of effort put into them. Ellisi Gifts, a startup launched in 2014 is the perfect avenue to create personalized gifts for your loved ones.

A Sizzling Process

It’s not magic, Ellisi Gifts lets your gift unique with the element of heat. In order to create personalized gifts, Ellisi Gifts utilizes the technologies involving heat transfer printing, 3D laser engraving, computer modeling, etc. Heat transfer printing process involves 3 key components which should be placed in consideration. These are the amount of time that heat is applied to the gift item, the optimal degree of temperature by which the design will adhere to the item and lastly, the amount of pressure required when heat is applied to the item.

In the past few years, heat transfer printing were mainly used in the printing of novelty items, such as polyester tops and T-shirts. But today heat transfer printing has gained significant importance and favour in several industries, especially in the personalized gift industry as an alternative for printing more unique personalized gifts with no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). The team at Ellisi Gifts are no strangers to the trade as they have already been in the heat transfer pinting business over ten years, and we can ledges to our customers that we will provide the finest quality products possible.

It's So Easy to Order

Ellisi Gifts is a manufacture for producing photo novelties and presonalized gifts, and is a B2C online platform for customers to customize their own gifts with their very own designs, pictures or texts. Creating the gift is a fairly simple process through our website, and it is much like heading to a Subway store to purchase a foot long sandwich. This is because you are only required to upload your picture/design and input your text. After we get your picture/design and text, we will produce your personalized gift which can expresses your own creativity with images or words printed on the gift item.