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High Definition Metal Prints: The “Hard” Truth

Posted on Aug 31, 2014

Some of the most popular, yet least understood products are metals! Many people use the metals but do not really know the difference between the options on the market today. There are clear differences between them and being more familiar and informed is going to lead to not only better outcomes for you but hopefully better selections for shopping!

In the sublimation world, there are four basic types of sublimatable aluminum. Suppliers may have different names for them but they are basically Unisub, Dynasub, Supermetal, and Econosub. There are different qualities in each metal as well as separate uses where each metal can give you the best result!

The most popular metal is the Unisub line. The Unisub aluminum comes in white only with a .045 or .030 thickness. The popularity stems from the fact that the coating on the aluminum is the most durable on the market. The durability comes from a harder coating that is placed on the aluminum. The coating also makes it resistant to scratches and contains UV inhibitors. Unisub also has a line called Chromaluxe which comes in a silver and white with an .045 thickness. Chromaluxe coatings are a little thicker than the standard sublimation aluminum and work excellent in the photo industry as larger full-colored wall pieces.

Dynasub is a close second to Unisub. Dynasub is a close second to Unisub. At .020 thick, this midgrade aluminum holds the same image quality as Unisub but does not cost as much. Dynasub is used anywhere from award type applications to name badges. It is virtually the same material as the Supermetal except the grain is a littler darker and deeper in the Dynasub. It comes in three different colors; white, bright gold, and satin silver.

Supermetal is a high quality lacquered aluminum that was developed specifically for the sublimation industry. Supermetals work excellent as high end awards and many different identification applications. They allow for a very nice full color option at a lower cost than the Unisub. Another beneficial difference between the Supermetal and Unisub is the ability to shear it with excellent results. The Unisub coating is hard so it makes the material more susceptible to chips; where as the Supermetal’s coating is softer allowing for great shearing ability. The Supermetal line comes in five different finishes: Bright Gold, Bright Silver, Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver, and Brushed Copper.

The last most economical option is the Econosub line. This line is only produced in white and its best use is in large runs where a low overhead cost is a necessity. However, it does not carry the same durability as some of the other options. It is used mainly indoors for wall type signage.

A bright, vibrant image on a piece of sublimation aluminum can be very eye catching. Ellisi Gifts uses Unisub aluminum for all its high definition metal print photos and ornaments to provide bright and vibrant images for your pesonalized gifts.