Pink Ballet Shoes Mini Porcelain Tea Set

By burton + Burton

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Ballet shoes ceramic tea set with small raised floral designs. Set is hand painted. Comes in a storage gift box. The interior of the box is a silk like rayon fabric in pink and has slots for everything to fit back into when it's not in use, and also has a simple lock to keep the box closed. The tea set itself is just absolutely gorgeous and the designs are all raised markings that are lovely to run your fingers across. This set is big enough to fill up with water, juice, etc and the cups are just big enough to pour into and enjoy a real little tea party.

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  • Hand-painted ballet shoes ceramic tea set
  • Teapot is 4-1/4'H x 1-1/2" Opening and holds 11 ounces
  • Teacup holds 4 ounces
  • FDA approved/Hand washing only
  • Includes satin-lined keepsake carrier
This set is perfect for little girls! The size is just right for tea, the cups actually have enough room for a kid's tea party (3-4 sips), and the decoration is too cute!

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