Morning Meadows Porcelain Stacked Teapot

By burton + Burton

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Sale Picture of Morning Meadows Porcelain Stacked Teapot

Morning Meadows Porcelain duo teapot, teacup and saucer in elegant botanical look with butterflies, ladybugs, bees and floral design, pretty pattern with gold trim. Teapot is on top and teacup and saucer are on bottom, teapot and teacup for one. This stacked teapot is made of great quality, super cute and feels elegant, looks utterly fabulous! Includes a satin lined gift box.

Item #: 17010869

  • Porcelain stacked teapot accented with butterflies, dragonflies, and floral design
  • Pretty pattern with gold trim
  • Teapot measures 5-1/2" high and holds 16 oz
  • Teacup holds 10 oz
  • FDA approved/Hand washing only
  • Arrives in a blue b + B satin lined gift box.
  • Adorable gift for someone special or as a gift to yourself

Every teapot is unique in it's design and may not look exactly as pictured, but will have it's own design with flowers and insects such as butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs and bees, etc. This stacked teapot is beautiful, and it will add to your tea time enjoyment!

Morning Meadows collection includes Teacup/Saucer, Teapot, Stacked Teapot, and Tea Set Miniature.

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