Half Oval Stone Photo Slates with Your Own Design

By Ellisi Gifts

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Sale Picture of Half Oval Stone Photo Slates with Your Own Design
  • Half Oval Stone Photo Slates with Your Own Design
  • Half Oval Stone Photo Slates with Your Own Design

It's easy to create a personalized stone slate with your own design.Upload your own design or artwork (jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, png, bitmap, or pdf), we can make a personalized semi-oval stone slate with your own design or artwork printed on the slate.

Half oval shaped stone slate comes in two different sizes:

5.85" X 5.85" Item #: 11110328
7.80" X 7.80" Item #: 11110329

Photo slates are designed to frame and enhance full color or black/white pictures. Made from natural sedimentary stone 3/8” thick, Stone slates are handcrafted with chiseled beveled edges, and have natural imperfections that make each slate plaque unique. They are suitable for any desk, den or mantle display.

Each piece comes with a black plastic stand/feet and is individually presented in a fitted box. These slates make exciting photo presentation, and are suitable for memorials, gifts and trophies for garden clubs, etc.

Note: Please allow enough space in the margins for resizing. It is highly recommended to leave a large amount of space between the edge of photo and the centerpiece (especially faces) in the photo due to cropping, recentering, and resizing. It is recommended to upload uncropped pictures, and our professional staff will crop the pictures according to the shape and edges of stone slate. If you have any specific requests, please write them under "Your Instructions". If the photo you upload can't be arranged to fit the stone slate, we will ask you to send us a new photo or cancel your order with a full refund.

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